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What Cancer Looks Like on a Thermography Scan

Cancer is a fundamental failure of our body to regulate its own metabolism and clean up unhealthy, mutated cells. Our bodies were created to adapt to different lifestyles, to the diets we choose to eat, infections we may acquire, and other harmful environmental factors. However, when we over stress, over indulge in unhealthy foods, over expose ourselves to harmful toxins we are overworking our bodies and this causes inflammation which leads to genetic mutations and the inability of the body to regulate itself properly. Cancer and most diseases start with inflammation. If allowed to continue this inflammation will grow and prosper in our bodies allowing tumors to form and feed from it. One way we can help prevent this dysfunction is by doing regular thermography screenings which will allow us to see the process of inflammation in its beginning stages. Thermography gives us a chance to reverse the dysfunction before it turns into disease and compromises our bodies and our lives.

This is what cancer looks like on a thermography scan. The great thing is thermography can see these changes early on when they first start to appear. This gives us a heads up that something could be wrong. We can then address this by looking into our individual symptoms and history thus reversing the situation before it becomes a harmful condition. Every woman over the age of 25 years old should be coming in for thermography screening. Instead of spending lots of money on treatment it’s way more cost-effective to spend on prevention.